Monday, August 1, 2011

Things that make you go... What the Hell?

Every year the State of Virginia has a back to school sales tax holiday. Very nice of them. Give parents a break. Way to go. We don't have kids, but I was bored and thought I would see what was on the list of tax exempt items this year. Ok, that's not entirely true. I have a small pen fetish. I love pens. Any pen. Now you know my dirty secret. Anyhow, most items on the list made sense. Paper, pencils, art supplies, and yes, pens! Then there were a few items that made me wonder what type of person/s created this list and what school did they attend in the past. 

Included in my "What the Hell" list are the following items:

Compasses - Are we dropping kids off in the woods and letting them find their own way to school now? Save money on those pesky school busses.

Baby bibs, clothes and receiving blankets - Kindergarten still starts at age 5 right?

Costumes - In case you want to send your little boy off to school dressed like Superman. He needs a good a$$ kicking anyhow right?

Formal wear for men and women - Nothing will get you an A faster than showing up to your first day of class dressed like you are going to prom.

Fur coats, stoles, shawls and wraps - I just have no words for this one.

Nightgowns and pajamas - Now this is one I can get behind! Going to school in your PJ's. What could be better???

Steel toed shoes - For kicking the a$$ of the boy dressed as Superman?

Wedding apparel including veils - Who doesn't love a teenage wedding? The school auditorium would be a perfect venue!

and the big What the Hell award goes to...... Garters, garter belts, corsets and corset laces! - I will let you fill in your own comment

Friday, July 29, 2011

First Attempt

This will be my very first attempt at blogging so bare with me. First of all, <waves>, hello!

Today's random thoughts center around Facebook.  I would like to chat about my wonderful, crazy and might I add brilliant friends.  I so love my friends. I am not one of those people who friends every person on the planet to boost my friend count. I am very picky about who I "friend" and who I do not. My close knit community consists of a bunch of individual nutter butters (who is sane these days and who would want to be?). I love that they all have no fear of being who they are, that they are honest and true and  in the face of any tragedy would come to your aid in a heart beat. 

Facebook is a wonderful place to keep an eye on these crazy people.  Of course you have the normal posts of pictures of their babies, eating habits and general distaste of the world today.  However, there is always someone to brighten your day with a bit of humor. No, not the regurgitated nonsense that gets reposted over and over.  I am talking about peoples ability to find humor in the most mundane things and pass it on to brighten up everyone's day.  Bless them. 

Today's posts were a plethora of humor from one friend claiming to have THE new IPad which was a picture of a simple pad of paper and pen to another who wrote a very clever and funny blog of her own regarding her German Shepard who ate her truck/s (not the dogs fault an evil squirrel was behind it all!). True story. Honest. You can read it here.

In closing let me remind you to cherish those close to you. You never know when they will brighten your day and hopefully you can brighten theirs. Thank the social networking gods that bring us all a little closer each day and allow us to connect with freinds, old and new.